For more than 16 years, Johan Yvon has devoted himself to skin care and anti-aging care through an unusual journey. Trained by pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic laboratories and training in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, always looking for new formulations and innovative combinations of cosmetics, he does not hesitate to deepen his knowledge and his research has no limit .

Of French origin and having lived in North America, Johan has a vision of the beauty outside the established standards. In his spa in Montreal, the first North American anti-aging spa, he has been referred by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for signature anti-aging, anti-acne, peeling, laser facial treatments and post-surgery follow-ups. Many magazines have given him interviews and he has attended several conferences as an anti-aging specialist.

It is quite natural that his expertise and experience push him for more than 5 years to develop a unique formula: real infusion of Regenerating and anti-aging active ingredients: The Essential Serum.