To me the word anti-aging, implies you have something to reverse. I want to preserve the skin you’re born with and delay the aging process. That’s why we call it timeless beauty.

Since he was 6 years old,  Johan Yvon has been changing the face of beauty, literally.  With a taste for the finer things in life,  his mother catching him sketching makeup onto covers of magazine likes Vogue and Elle was an ordinary occurrence.  By 16, Johan had accumulated a library sized collection of cosmetics and dermatology related books.  After taking a makeup course in Paris, he realized that he had to pursue this passion as a career.  Now after decades of experience in the business, skincare is still what excites him the most.  He explains that what he loves most about his job, is researching and testing new techniques to improve skincare.

Before moving back to France, Johan had an exclusive spa, l'Institut l'IMAA in Montreal, Canada, where clients were referred by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for post surgery care and treatment with signature anti-aging and anti-acne facials, peels, laser and more.

For over 16 years, Johan Yvon has devoted himself to skin care.  With unparalleled experience and dedication, he has now bundled all this knowledge into one holistic line of skincare products that preserves and nourishes healthy skin.  After building a cult following amongst the professional makeup and skincare community in France, Johan began selling his skincare products to his inner circle, but the response was too exciting to ignore.  Encouraged by his loyal clients begging him for more creams and serums and gushing about the results, Johan decided to expand his reach.

As a makeup artist, he always preferred the less is more approach to highlight a woman’s natural beauty.  To him, your skin is a canvas and keeping it healthy requires a structured skincare routine especially as you age. A perfectionist in all things skincare, Johan truly believes in using the best ingredients to get the best results. With a line of products he has truly perfected, Johan’s skincare is loved by many.